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  good morning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. now ,it"s my turn. my name is edgar, a high school student. i am very honored to be here to give you a speech. also it"s a good chance for me to improve my english. i hope i can make a good performance today. the topic of my speech is "after studying here".

  before i came here,i can never imagine that i can learn so much knowledge about other countries, which can"t be got from my books in school. three months ago, i took my first class. unfortunately, i felt so embarrassed, because i even can"t speak any words, though i know i really love english .

  after that, i took some of my tutor"s advice and previewed the lesson that i’ll learn. what’s more, in every class, i just try my best to say as much as possible. now,i can only remember it"s a really hard time. what’s worse, i had to go to my high school and went there at the same time.

  after several weeks, i began to get used to the atmosphere in web .at least i"m not afraid to speak in front of my tutor and foreign teachers.

  during web’s period,i found i had improved a lot, both physically and mentally. for example, how to be a confident person, how to plan for my future. and the most important is that i have learnt how to communicate with others, which is a necessary skill. nowadays studying is not the only thing that we high school students should do, there are some more important things we have ignored.

  first, i am grateful for my parents. they have spent so much money for me, but never ask for anything in return. i really know how hard it is to work on such living conditions.

  now it"s time to introduce my tutor sally. it was she that led me to the right studying here. it was she that helped me deal with all kinds of annoying things. also there are some other teachers that i appreciate, especially laura and anita. of course, i like to take foreign teachers" classes. anyway, thanks all of you!

  i know i am young; there is a long way in my life. i have to face the difficulties and solve them by myself. but i know i must keep on my dream, i agree that if you put your mind to, you can accomplish anything.

  i know i"m not the best ,but i"m the most diligent one。i hope you can remember me ,an ordinary boy.













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